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Everything Fails,Plan for failure

WiFi is almost everywhere. With the proliferation of WiFi devices and increased demand for bandwidth and spectrum, along with the fact that WiFi spectrum allocation from the FCC is not changing, the “old way” of wireless design by “throwing an Access Point” at the problem, simply doesn’t work. In fact, it adds to the problem. If you haven’t begun planning for the WiFi (R)evolution, now is the time!


CBRS, Private LTE, WiFi, Microwave, Licensed or Unlicensed…the list of questions about the pros and cons of various technologies are endless. Our consultative approach, in concert with our team of seasoned professionals, can ensure that the technology selected for your needs best fits your project goals, provides you with the ability to service multiple applications, and can be supported post installation for a manageable expense

Did you know?

By 2022 there will be roughly 200 billion connected devices

Did you know?

You can build your own Private LTE using CBRS unlicensed spectrum as GAA with no need to buy a licensed spectrum.

Did you know?

The Best Wi-Fi Blocker is YOU! Water is a great signal blocker. Seeing as you’re made up of 75% water, if you’re sitting between your router and your computer, your body can significantly lower the strength of your WiFi signal

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There is a hacking attack every 39 seconds.

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